It All Comes Down To This: “Which Jesus Is Yer Daddy?”


Even Deities recognize certain ‘Facts O’ Life’:  A buttered bagel will ALWAYS fall butter-side up onto the newly installed office shag carpeting.

Can’t change what just IS.  But, Pilgrims, some things even YOU can change.  When people ask — as they will — ‘Hey, have ya heard the good news?’  Now YOU can reply — “That depends, stranger, on which ‘Good News’ you’re talking about.

Used to be there was just ‘one kind’ of Good News — The Real Jesus Kind (repackaged here as The Pretend Jesus Kind).  But that was then, Pilgrims and this is now.  Pilgrims these days know they don’t need to believe in a religion, they just need to have it as part of the ‘On-Board Software’ that, really, just shines a gentle beacon inside of you that says: “I bought The Brand’.

Cause every good Christian knows (it’s the point of the exercise, really) — what Life is really about is:  Are all the ‘Good Christians’ on the ‘same page’ about ‘who & what’ is ‘good’ and ‘who & what’ isn’t?  So long as we’re all clear on that?  Why are we holding up the par-tay?

Ya know ya have to bring Jesus to the Dance.  The Question — WHICH Jesus do you ask?  Better choose wisely, the others could get jealous…

How To Pick A Jesus Lessons



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