Introducing: “REPUBLICAN JESUS”!

Every now and then, Pilgrims, Mulligan Jesus likes to present ‘alternative points of view’.  Actually, they’re just Mulligan Jesus’ point of view re-stated but — you needn’t worry yourself about that.

Today Mulligan Jesus has invited a dear friend and Fellow Deity — REPUBLICAN JESUS — to pen a ‘Guest Post’.   So, without any further ado, REPUBLICAN JESUS, you’re on, pal!

Republican Jesus

 “Hi there, folks.  In a busy world, Republican Jesus knows it can be hard to know what to believe any more.  That’s why Republican Jesus has tried to make it ‘easier’ for you — getting rid of all those unnecessary, out-dated and frankly too-hard-to-follow-anyway rules like ‘Do Unto Others’ (hock-turn-spit!)

Republican Jesus has the answer — Well, he’s a damned Deity, ain’t he!  Of course he has the answer — what kind of Deity would he be if he didn’t?

Presenting, Republican Jesus’ (branded) “PICK N CHOOSE CHRISTIANITY” — The ‘Do-It-YOUR-Way’ Religion.

Advantages to “PICK N CHOOSE CHRISTIANITY’:  All of em

Disadvantages to “PICK N CHOOSE CHRISTIANITY”:  None

Reasons to Believe:  “Lots of ‘DAILY BREAD’ To Be Made”

Folks, it doesn’t get any simpler than that.  As we like to ‘think of it’, Republican Jesus is “THE SIMPLE FAITH FOR SIMPLE FOLKS”.

That’s PATENT PENDING by the way.  Try and rip THIS Deity off and you’ll have trouble, got me?  I sure hope you do…

Hey, can we get a ‘Bravo, Republican Jesus’?  I can’t believe I still see a dry eye in the house…

By the way — I wouldn’t eat our ‘Daily Bread’ — you never know whose pocket it’s been in.









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