MJ’s Message O’ The Day

“I love the smell of sanctimony in the morning… Smells like… I don’t know… like victory…”

Actually, Mulligan Jesus hates the smell of sanctimony.  He hates its look, its feel, its taste.  But more than anything?  Mulligan Jesus hates the sanctimonious.

They make Mulligan-ing sinners downright painful.  It ain’t rocket science, Pilgrims — Mulligan Jesus wants to feel good about letting some Rich White Guy get away with literal murder.  But if you idiots are gonna go and rub other peoples’ noses in it — trust me.  That never ends well.

And when your fellow mooks start hunting you down cos you rubbed one too many noses in it — I’ll forget I ever knew ya.

Which reminds Mulligan Jesus — You haven’t tithed much recently.   Something you care to share with Mulligan Jesus (that he already knows)?


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