Republicans Love Ooga-Booga; That’s Why I Love THEM

Deities, for the most part, avoid human politics. Duh, right?

And even the deities who do dabble in human politics, pretty much all of them avoid American politics. Double duh — because they’re filled to the brim with Magical Thinking. Oh, but it gets better, Pilgrim! American politics are positively overflowing with the best kind of Magical Thinking, the cream that floats to the top, the ambrosia if you will: the OOGA-BOOGA. The gold standard of Magical Thinking. American politics are overflowing with the stuff.

That’s why this deity thinks American politics are the best politics. Every now and then, an American politician does something special to demonstrate how deeply connected they are to OOGA-BOOGA.

This is Republican Senator Joni Ernst from Iowa. She thinks mean doctors who don’t like Donald Trump are making up coronavirus numbers just to make Donald Trump look bad. She thinks all those dead Americans (190,000 and counting) are made up or still here.

Mmmmm — can’t ya smell the OOGA-BOOGA on Senator Joni’s breath? Slow down, hon’ — save some of the good stuff for your friends! You don’t want them to think you’re greedy, now, do ya?

Silly me — of course she does!


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