In His Own Mind, Franklin Graham Is An Angry, Angry God

Little secret about deities non-deities don’t know? It’s fun as hell being a deity. In fact, it’s so much fun being a deity that we deities think all the rest of you are idiots for not being deities.

My pal Franky Graham doesn’t have that problem. In fact, Franky tweeted this today about Joe Biden’s speech at the virtual Democratic convention last night…

The reason sees “the absence of God” is because Franky wasn’t there. Literally. So, since Franky couldn’t be there, God couldn’t be there either. But not because God won’t hang out anywhere without Franky.

What makes a guy like Franky Graham not merely a good televangelist but a great one is that he has never believed for two seconds IN God. That’s because Franky has always believed he IS God.

Now read the tweet with that in your mind — that Franklin Graham “is God.”

“It’s God who set the standards we’re to live by,” says Franky.

What Franky means is HE wants to set the standards the rest of the mooks “have to live by.”

Go do, Franky! The mooks all deserve you.


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