Hey, Don’t Knock Jerry Falwell, Jr Cos He’s Gettin’ Some While You Ain’t

Now, I know this photo looks bad for Jerry Falwell, Jr – what with him standing on a luxurious yacht, his pants unzipped — ditto the pants of the pretty, much younger woman the Reverend Jerry Junior has his arm around. Did we mention the half-empty drink in his hand and the pickled look in his red-rimmed eyes?

Oh – and Jerry’s drunken explanation on some morning radio show? That, shall we say, doesn’t improve Jerry’s side of the story any…

Now, when I say it looks bad for Jerry, I don’t mean it looks for all the world like he’s been nailed red-handed committing adultery, I mean — Jerry — take a bow for Pete’s sake. Everyone cool thinks you’re too lame to score something that attractive — that doesn’t require YOU to wear a bag over your head while you’re pawing it.

The best part, of course — as the tweet by the excellent Mrs. Betty Bowers points out: if anyone at Jerry Junior’s Liberty U diploma mill had taken & posted the exact same photo? They’d be on their way home.

Lucky them.


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