Silly Humans — Death Is Just Another Attraction In The “Theme Park Of Life”

Want to know what’s awesome about being a deity? Ya get to live forever. Want to know what sucks about being human? Ya don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, Pilgrims, living forever isn’t everything you’d think. Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Plus combined don’t have enough content to fill eternity. That’s a fact. And so is boredom.

So, count your mortal selves lucky that you’re mortal. If you had two brain cells between you, you’d figure out how to make the most of your time here — in the Theme Park Of Life. You don’t. You won’t. Instead you’ll look past all the awesome rides a person can experience and focus on one ride only: the one where you never get off.

I shouldn’t complain. It’s your obsession with dying that makes you show up in church each Sunday. You think you can negotiate.

Sure ya can, Pilgrim, sure ya can! As one of you so cleverly sang — “That’s why I love mankind”.

We deities think of you humans as the golf ball at the last hole of every miniature golf course.

You know the hole — where putting the ball in means you’re going home?

Yeah — that’s you, Pilgrims. Now, go home. Better yet — live your lives better. Live them more. Live them fuller.

Just live them.


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