You Say “To-ma-to”, I Say “To-mah-to”, You Say “Po-ta-to”, I Say Franklin Graham’s A Horrible Human Being

Now don’t get me wrong.  Personally?  I’m the biggest Frankie Graham fan there is.


If I’m going to visit the seventh ring of hell, say, I’d want Frank Graham at my back cos I know none of the worst demons in the lowest part of the worst zip code in hell are going to mess with a magnificently slimy piece of work like Frank.  He’s that much of a badass — and, to us here, that’s a good thing!

But, where you mortals are concerned — it’s guys like Franklin Graham that make the occasional deity worry for you. He’s that bad and you’re that gullible.

Let’s see — a simple google of “Franklin Graham” & “bad, crazy shit” gets back things like this

And this

…and this

Seems like every time my buddy Franklin opens his lie hole — he finds his foot already there.






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