Pat Robertson IS My Kinda Christian — That Ain’t A Complement

Mulligan Jesus is a HUGE fan of televangelists.  They’re the peanut butter to my jelly.  The yin to my yang.  The ‘Lions’ to my ‘…tigers and bears, oh my!”

Well, actually… Televangelists are the ‘lube’ to my ‘wait-you-want-to-put-THAT-‘WHERE‘?  And no one — NO ONE — has a ‘lube-ier’ feel to them than Pat Robertson.  He’s like grease that’s been greased, know what I mean?


I don’t think of Pat Robertson as a ‘Christian’, I think of Pat Robertson as a loyal foot soldier in the ‘Human War on Reason’.  Between you Pilgrims and Mulligan Jesus?  Amongst deities, we think of Pat Robertson as the Ted Cruz of televangelism — everyone (deities included) flat out HATE the guy.  As in, we’d throw a party if we heard he got cancer.  And we INVENTED cancer fer Pete’s sake…

A quick Google of horrible-stupid-racist-ignorant-misogynist-idiotic things Pat Robertson has said brings back a mass of responses — and quickly, too.  Well, of course — Pat Robertson is a bottomless fountain of horrible-stupid-racist-ignorant-misogynist-idiotic thoughts.


And Behold!

And Behold yet again…!

Last thought before I go play tennis with Republican Jesus (that bastard ALWAYS cheats — yeah — ironic, right?)  Actual Jesus never seems to be part of Pat Robertson’s ‘thinking’.  If Mulligan Jesus were Pat?  He’d check in with REAL JESUS before it’s too late.

Just sayin’…


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