Silly Humans: Hell Isn’t A ‘Place’, It’s A State Of Mind – And You’re Living In It

Every now and then, Mulligan Jesus gets a strange, unnatural impulse to be ‘honest’ with humans.  It’s not because Mulligan Jesus suddenly pities humans and feels compelled to offer a Promethean Gift of Fire.  HELL NO!

It’s because Mulligan Jesus can’t quite believe his own eyes sometimes when it comes to humans and how willfully ignorant they’re determined to be.

Look, dudes, Mulligan Jesus helped write the whole ‘Hell:  Boy It’s Hot Down There’ marketing plan.  He rejected an awful lot of Satan mock-ups before he threw up his hands in exhaustion and said “Whatever — if that’s what we want to say Satan looks like, I don’t care anymore!  I’ve got a tee time in an hour!”

It’s not like the guy exists.  I mean — a guy exists but he’s wearing a costume.  And the fiery place he’s standing in was actually a blue screen that our tech department — ME — threw together.

The Truth is, Hell is neither hot nor cold.  It doesn’t exist at the bottom of some pit or at the middle of the earth.  It doesn’t ‘exist’ in that way though, as you already know — it DOES exist.

And the reason you KNOW it exists, Silly Humans, is because you’ve been there.  You’ve felt how unpleasant it is.  Hell is as familiar to you as our own Life.

See my point here?

Do you honestly not think that THIS MAN is ‘Hell On Earth’?


Or THESE people?

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Election Night Event In New York City

Or — worst of all — THESE people…

Wanna know who’s REALLY living in Hell — because all they understand is Hell?  Say hello to your average American Fundy.  Talk about SILLY!

Another little secret — ‘tween Mulligan Jesus and Humanity?  We could tell those hypocritical clowns THIS WORLD was ‘Heaven’ — and they’d probably believe it.

One of you humans — guy named Sartre — wrote a play called ‘Huis Clos’ (‘No Exit’).  It’s got its moments.  But there is one line that tickles Mulligan Jesus.  The lead character complains:  “Hell is other people”.

I guess from his perspective, yeah.  It is.  From Mulligan Jesus’ perspective?  Every last one of you is Hell…


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