And Then There Are Things We DON’T Mulligan For…

300 predator priests… over 1000 children… a whole system of ‘communication’ so predators would know WHICH children to focus on…

Grand Jury Report Identifies 300 ‘Predator Priests’ Who Allegedly Molested More Than 1,000 Children In 6 Pennsylvania Dioceses

Mulligan Jesus — being a very male Deity — understands how great it is seeing the World as a giant ‘Boy’s Club’.  Male Privilege is nice.

But it seems to put ideas into some boys’ heads.  They start to think that THEY’RE a DEITY and therefore THEY can do what they like.

Mulligan Jesus hates to break it to em.  It doesn’t actually work that way for Deities.  Deities count on rules.  We live by em.  We expect humans to live by em but you don’t — and there’s source of the dynamic tension between fallible humans and infallible Deities.  One of the rules Deities live by:  You Leave Kids Alone.

You do not touch kids.  EVER.

You can drink till your liver explodes or whore till the syphilis and gonorrhea make your gonads look like guacamole — We won’t care so long as everyone else in your party was of age — and consenting one thousand percent.  Can’t manage that — stop partying.

Mulligan Jesus — for all his cynicism — is a hopeful Deity.  He looks at the future and thinks humans could yet get their shit together, pull their heads from their asses and make something of themselves.  In the back of his mind, it’s why Mulligan Jesus is in the ‘Mulligan’ business.  He hopes human beings will learn.

Okay — Mulligan Jesus isn’t stupid.  He ain’t holding his breath where humans are concerned.  But he sees a terrible problem and the will to fix it.  Mulligan Jesus will admit to having grudging respect for humans who have to overcome the awful shit other humans do to them just to get by.  He’s not sure he could do it.


4 thoughts on “And Then There Are Things We DON’T Mulligan For…

  1. I left religion long ago but even as an atheists I find what the Catholic priests are doing to be highly immoral.


    1. I was always grateful to Hebrew School for MAKING me the atheist I am today.


      1. Yeah – I think the biggest thing that tipped it for me was studying the Bible. Once you do that you also learn of translation error, copy error and editorializing by scribes.

        And I see Gutenbergs printing press as the final nail in the coffin of religion. Because then they could publish in every language.


      2. If people saw the bible for what it is – mostly mediocre literature with flashes of greatness and transcendence – instead of a history book – it would sure help.


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