‘Republican Jesus’ Is The Worst Jesus — In Sooooooo Many Ways…

Just came from the Deity Locker Room where ‘REPUBLICAN JESUS’ was holding court again.  This ‘separating of brown-skinned children from brown-skinned parents’ at our SOUTHERN border sure has got a lot of  American Christians riled up.  Suddenly even Mulligan Jesus can’t get the kind of attention he’s gotten used to (and Deities, as you know, are the ‘gods’ of being Temperamental).  Everyone wants to bask in the glow of REPUBLICAN JESUS…

Republican Jesus

Yeah, Mulligan Jesus gets it.  What do you need with FORGIVENESS of your misdeeds if you never actually ‘do any’ in the first place.

Republican Jesus is The New Jesus… LONG LIVE REPUBLICAN JESUS (gulp…!).



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