Zombie Jesus Is The MOST Popular Jesus

I’m not ashamed of saying this — Among Deities, it pays to be an alpha.  You don’t want to be any less than Top Dog in this Kennel.  But the competition is fierce — and as hard as Mulligan Jesus works to BE not just a ‘good’ Deity but the ‘Most Popular’ Deity (cos that’s where the money is, amiright, Pilgrims?), all his hard work keeps coming to nothing cos of THIS guy — ZOMBIE JESUS —



Now, I’m just talking to the Christians here (but the rest of you should listen in and take notes):  I get it.  Zombie Jesus couldn’t care less about right & wrong.  He just wants to eat your brain.  And not having a brain — it just makes Life a whole lot easier (now, if we could just get rid of these pesky feelings…).

But, trust a Deity know’s been around.  When it comes to your ‘religious faith’, hypocrisy is ALWAYS the way to go.  You can turn it on and turn it off if you want.  You can have a little more or have a little less.  It’s the vanilla of evil.

Brain gobbling on the other hand is messy in soooooo many ways.

You’re gonna do whatever you’re gonna do — we both know it, Pilgrim.  Being human, it’s a fact of Life.  Hell — for some of you?  It’s your whole WAY of life…



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