Bullshit — It’s What’s For Breakfast… Lunch AND Dinner


Arches v2

Mulligan Jesus’ favorite restaurant (not for himself but for humans) heard the outcry for more menu choices and they delivered like Moses bringing down the Ten Commandments From Mount Sinai — only tastier — and with sides and a beverage!

Now, you don’t HAVE TO ‘buy it all’ a la carte, you can get a McOOGA-BOOGA COMBO!

Personally, Mulligan Jesus is on a BULLSHIT FREE diet — it tends to repeat on him.  But since it’s your first time, please — the meal’s on me!  Bon appetite (suckers)…!

Our New Combos

Combos Menu Page 2 for site

Combos Menu Page 3 for site

Be careful though, Pilgrim — the portions at McOOGA-BOOGA’s are HUGE.  Well, of course they are — BULLSHIT is the greatest human natural resource there is!  It’s cheaper and more plentiful then anything else on Earth.

And so tasty too!

Eat up!


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