Mulligan Jesus & Evangelicals – A Match Made In Mulligan Heaven

Wanna know what Mulligan Jesus loves almost more than anything (aside from watching humans grovel)?   He loves Evangelicals.  Mmmmm-boy, those are some of Mulligan Jesus’ favorite creatures on Earth.  These folks are MY kind of Christians.



Turns out only 27% of my Evangelical followers are down with letting ‘illegal immigrants’ (you know, like Jesus, Mary & Joseph fleeing to Egypt) INTO that country of theirs.  Not kidding.  There’s actual data.

When I saw that I shot Regular Jesus a text:  “Dude — your followers FLAMED YOU! LMAO LOL!”  I won’t share with you his response.  Wouldn’t want to ruin his rep, if ya know what I’m saying.  And, end of the day, we Deities have to stick together…


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