There’s a ‘Trick’ To Getting ‘Saved’… Isn’t There Always A ‘Trick’?


Amongst Deities, we like to say we can ‘tell’ who’s gonna get saved by ‘how they look‘…

Back in the day, when Mulligan Jesus was newer at the Deity Biz, he used to feel kinda bad when he had to ‘explain the rules’ to pilgrims who came to Mulligan Jesus looking to get ‘saved’ — or, as WE put it — ‘Mulligan-ed’.

That’s cause the ‘Mulligan Jesus Experience’ isn’t ‘for’ everyone.  That’s not to say that most pilgrims couldn’t/wouldn’t benefit from praising Mulligan Jesus instead of that other guy, but not every pilgrim… how to put this… ‘qualifies’ for ‘Muilliganification’.

They’re not white, ya see.

Fortunately for Mulligan Jesus – The (White Guy’s) Do-Over Deity – he got over feeling kinda bad about pilgrims not getting Mulligan-ed — right after that first ‘Forget it, Loser!’

It’s good to be the King.  It’s BETTER to be a Deity.


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