Some Analogies Don’t Actually Work. Like Jesus Being A ‘SHEPHERD’…

Little Secret that probably isn’t one?  We Deities laugh at you humans all day every day.  Most of you are so dumb it’s an insult to the word dumb to call you dumb.

Watching humans try to figure out what their Deities want from them — that’s always time to break out the popcorn and prepare for your sides to hurt.  And one of the Biggest Howlers is when people think of ‘The Other Jesus’ as a shepherd and all his followers as ‘His Flock’ —


So peaceful, serene and endearingly human.

But before we get all weepy, let’s pull the camera back a little and do the reverse.  Shepherds don’t shepherd cos the sheep are paying them, they shepherd cos the Guy Who Owns The Sheep is paying — and 99 times out of 100, those sheep aren’t going to die of old age in their beds.

Jesus The Shepherd actually is leading his flock down THIS road —


— which leads to HERE —


And that – unfortunately for our woolen friends — ends HERE…


I hope you were paying attention, Pilgrim cos there WILL be a test — there’s ALWAYS a test… Now — be a good little sheep and go fetch Mulligan Jesus a brewski…


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