Mulligan Jesus Has Your Daily Bread Covered! Try McOoga-Booga’s!

“Fast Food That Makes Ya Want To Fast”

Feeding a flock’s spirit is all well and good but when a flock gets hypoglycemic, they start to act like Kenneth Copeland — and that’s something NO Deity has patience for.

Just how it is: flocks don’t always want their spirits nurtured. Sometimes, they’re experiencing a different kind of hunger.  That’s when I send them to McOoga-Booga’s!

Arches v1

McOoga-Booga’s has a simple menu for Simple Folk (or, as we call it, ‘Fast Food That Makes You Want To Fast’).  Can we whip up a burger for ya?  How about we just whip it for ya — say 36 times!

Our menu - Whopper

Can we make that a ‘Meal Ordeal’ for ya?  Oh, go on!  It includes your free-will choice of sides & a Tall Drink —

Sides n Beverages

Here at McOoga-Booga’s, even our potatoes are filled with the holy spirit.  Surely, you’d like to super-size that order?

It's a sign - or a potato

So, will that be to go or will you be ‘dining in’?


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