Mulligan Jesus Has A ‘Thing’ For Franky Graham


Brothers and sisters, there’s a little something you need to know about Mulligan Jesus.  He sprang as if from the fetid loins of the man pictured above — The Not-So-Right Reverend Franklin Graham — son of Former-Reverend-Now-Eternal-Worm-Chow Billy Graham.

Now, the Reverend Graham didn’t come up with the phrase ‘The president deserves a MULLIGAN’ (for all his abhorrent behavior — that honor goes to another good pal o’ mine — Tony Perkins of the American Family Council).


Tony n I go waaaaay back.  ‘Scuse me a second —

“Hey, Tony — I can see your house from here — IN HELL!”

Yeah… Tony and I make that joke all the time.

Except Tony doesn’t seem to laugh so much any more.  Maybe he’s getting grumpy with old age.  Maybe knowing he’s been selling a lie his whole life is starting to catch up with him.  That & knowing that if there WAS a Hell, he’d probably end up the damned MAYOR of the place…

But Mulligan Jesus digresses.  Franklin picked up the ‘Mulligan Mantle’ almost immediately and kinda made it his own.  And for that, Mulligan Jesus is ‘Eternally Grateful’.

It’s why Mulligan Jesus will always have a very special place in his very corrupt heart for Franklin Graham.

He’s like our ‘Patron Saint’.  Without the saint part…




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