Let’s Put The FUN Back Into Fundamentalism!

Mulligan Jesus

Hey, Folks — Mulligan Jesus here — I’d like to welcome you all to MULLIGAN JESUS MINISTRIES — where A Man’s A Man and His Sins are HIS Business or, as we like to say here: “One man’s sin is another man’s ‘Hey, can ya text me the number of that hooker?'”

Are you sick to death of sanctimonious old dudes rubbing YOUR nose in the fact that, from ‘time to time’, you ain’t perfect?

Of course you are – cause who the fuck are THEY to tell YOU what to do?

Here at Mulligan Jesus Ministries (Home of the ‘Do-Over Deity’), we believe that EVERYONE (especially rich white guys) deserve a second chance… and a third chance and a fourth — hell, keep playing this ‘hole’ all damned night if ya want — you ‘Mulligan’ that sucker until either you get it right or you just throw up your hands and say ‘Fuck it!  Mulligan Jesus, make my problems go away!”

And if you got the coin?  We got ya covered!

Mulligan Jesus Ministries:  ‘Putting the FUN back into FUNDAMENTALISM’ — One ‘Fallen Angel’ at a time…

Like what ya see, hear and especially FEEL (cos Mulligan Jesus is all into feeling GOOD!) then ‘open your heart’ to us.  Better yet — open yer checkbook.

Mulligans are beautiful things.  But they ain’t free, capiche?

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Put The FUN Back Into Fundamentalism!

  1. You are a genius!


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